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FCC Net neutrality timeline: Read all the new rules in full detail

net neutrality timeline fcc tom wheeler

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler

Net neutrality. Don’t roll your eyes, this is IMPORTANT.

President Obama has weighed in on it. The FCC finally passed new rules for it. Senators and congressmen continue to debate it. Comcast hates it. Netflix is all for it. But what IS it?

Since it was first announced, the FCC’s plan has been met with widespread criticism and has dragged the issue of Net neutrality, or the idea of an open Internet, to a mainstream audience once again. Over the past few weeks (or years), you’ve probably heard a lot about this issue. If you’re not sure what it really means, don’t feel too bad. It’s a topic that inspires debate so intense that some of the simplest details have been obscured and whitewashed. We’re here to catch you up on everything you need to know.

Updated on 03-12-2015 by Malarie Gokey: Added news the FCC has made the full text laying out the new Net neutrality rules public. Go straight to the 2015 Net Neutrality Timeline for all the information.

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