Gingerbread is on its way to the Nexus One

androidcommunityThat’s no typo. You’d think all we’d be hearing about this week would be the Nexus S, but hot on the heels of Google’s latest release comes an update of the Nexus One. Google announced the upcoming upgrade via Twitter, saying that the Gingerbread OTA update would be available in the “coming weeks.”

Nexus One owners have likely been feeling the sting of jealousy as the Gingerbread bearing Nexus S was recently released. And now, Gingerbread will give Nexus One users a cleaner user interface for their phones as well as other general improvements, like improved texting and an upgraded app manager, among other things.

The source code has already been introduced, but Google advises everyone to wait until the official release is out there. Gingerbread is still being tested on the Nexus One, and while there isn’t a precise launch date, it’s supposedly imminent. So be patient, Nexus One users out there, Google hasn’t forgotten about you.