Google Chrome browser coming to Android


The Android browser has always been serviceable, and better than most other smartphone browsers, but with Android expanding into tablets and new kinds of devices, it’s limitations have been shining through. The browser isn’t great at running Flash and often gets caught opening the wrong version of a Website. If you’re on a 10-inch tablet, you don’t want to view a mobile Website designed for a feature phone. But these problems may soon end. ConceivablyTech reports that the first build of Chrome for Android may come in October, perhaps with the release of Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

The new Chrome browser for Android is expected to incorporate many of the features of the desktop browser, though we don’t know precisely how full featured it will be. Will it have Web apps, games, and extensions like Chrome for PCs? Will it have some of the features of Chrome OS? It’s difficult to say, though we’re guessing the first release will be relatively lean and concentrate on speed, something Chrome is known for emphasizing.

Unlike the Android browser, Chrome users can expect a lot more bug fixes and updates to Chrome for Android. Games may be coming as well. Google has already begun suggesting ways to lock or hide mouse cursors in certain circumstances to mimic the interface of a touchscreen.

We’ll have more on this as soon as we learn it, but it’s good to see Google’s Chrome and Android teams finally intermingling. The combination should be good for both products and will hopefully free up some Android team members to work on more exciting projects.

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