Strange deal: Try on some blue jeans and get a free Android phone


In what has to be one of the strangest promotions we’ve seen, a blue jean store is partnering with a wireless retailer to offer anyone who tries on a pair of jeans a free Android phone. From not through August 15, anyone who tries on jeans at the Wet Seal denim shop will get a redemption code to get a free Android phone at Simplexity.

“This promotion is the perfect way to launch our new denim shop and get the attention of our target customer, “said Susan P. McGalla, CEO of The Wet Seal, Inc. “We are certain she will want to try on our jeans because of the unbelievable phone offer. And, with an extensive assortment of fits and washes, we are even more certain that she will want to buy them once she has tried them on.”

From the language in the press release and a quick stop at Wikipedia, we have learned that Wet Seal is a women’s denim shop. Sorry guys. But hey, if you really want the phone, you can probably find a nice pair of hip huggers to try on. Maybe you’ll like them.

Ladies: Keep in mind that if you want the free phone, you’ll have to bone up for a two-year contract with data–nothing’s really free. We also don’t know precisely which Android phone you will get, though the phone in the advertisement above looks like a lower-end HTC. It could be a good deal, provided you’re ready to move to your first smartphone. We just ask that you do some research to find out more about that phone before you sign up to own it for two years. If it’s a cheap $50-or-less phone, then it might be good to pay extra and get an Android phone you’re going to enjoy more. We have suggestions.

If anyone feels like being a guinea pig to find out which phone this is, or more about the process, please let us know in the comments section.