Alleged iPad 2 images leak

ipad 2Disclaimer: This alleged iPad 2 image comes from the less-than-legit world of Chinese tech blogs. Now that that’s out of the way, onto the photo.

ipad 2 back

If we’re to believe all the information gathered up until this point, the models line up pretty well. The slimmer body with tapered edges, dual cameras, and seemingly enhanced backside speaker grill are there. However, the photos don’t offer a look at an SD slot or USB port.

The images come from DGtle, which mentions it’s only pretty sure this is the real thing. Aside from its thinner design, the second generation and original Apple tablet are nearly identical. There might be something to those reports saying the iPad 3 is really the release to get excited about.

ipad, ipad 2

We’ve also noticed that Your Daily Apple reports that Amazon’s German site listed the iPad 2 with the alleged March 17 ship date. According to that image, the tablet will include Thunderbolt and a 1.2GHz CPU. The page has since been pulled, but take a look at the screenshot below.

ipad2 listing

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