An Aeriel View of LA, Using the iPhone 4 camera

an ariel view of la using the iphone 4 camera flying

After waiting 4 hours in line for an iPhone 4, few people would likely rush out to subject their new prized Apple gadget to the whims of nature. But thankfully for us, that is exactly what a group in Los Angeles did.

In an effort to test out the iPhone 4’s 720p video camera in the most impressive (and likely heart-stopping for the owner) way possible, an iPhone 4 was attached to a group of helium-filled balloons. A string based cradle was added to the balloons,with the iPhone nestled squarely in the center, and the Apple phone was released into the great blue yonder. The results were some very impressive looks at LA from the sky, and a very promising look at the iPhone 4 camera’s potential.

Check out the video below for a look at the first (although we suspect not the last) flying iPhone. In terms of finding new things to do with an iPhone, it makes a nice change from blowing it up, blending it, or shooting it with a high powered rifle.