Apple’s iCloud goes live for developers; storage pricing revealed

apple icloudApple’s storage-based service, iCloud, took another step toward its full release when the iCloud web interface was opened up for developers at on Monday.

According to 9to5Mac, the beta site incorporates new web apps for, among others, Mail, Calendar and Contacts. The inclusion of a new iWork app suggests users will also be able access their iWork documents stored in the cloud. Find My iPhone is another included web app. 

An additional tidbit of information released today relates to the cost of extra space in Apple’s cloud for those who eat through the initial free offering of 5GB. 

Want an extra 10GB of iCloud storage? That’ll be $20 a year (giving you a total of 15GB). For 20GB extra (total 25GB), you’ll need to fork out $40 a year. And for $100 a year you’ll get 50GB (total 55GB) of space in Apple’s cloud. For UK users the pricing looks like this: an extra 10GB for £14 a year; 20GB for £28 a year; and 50GB for £70 a year.

As 9to5Mac reports, your Photo Stream images (Apple’s new photo service that will automatically upload your photos and share them between all your devices) won’t affect your storage limit. The service will hold the most recent 1000 shots that it receives, and will store them for a maximum of 30 days.

Apple’s new iCloud service will allow users to sync content, such as music, documents and photos, across multiple devices. So instead of having everything stuck on your computer’s hard drive at home, which can, for example, make it a little cumbersome when moving content between devices, you’ll now be able to pull it from the cloud wherever you are – as long as you have a connection to the Internet, of course.

The service is expected to be up and running this fall.