iPad Extreme Sleeve by G-Form takes protection to the max

ipad extreme sleeve by g form takes protection to the max case

Everyone has that one friend who can’t hold on to a phone, computer, or iPod long enough to wear it out before they break it by means that are difficult for most of us to understand. There’s no reason to go through four phones in a year simply because you broke them all, right? Well, some folks are more accident-prone than others and while we may not understand how they break all of their electronics, we can get behind protective measures that might help curtail damaging accidents. If your clumsy friend has a shiny new iPad, or you are that “friend,” take a look at the new G-Form iPad Extreme Sleeve ($60). As you can tell simply by its looks, this sleeve is hardcore. The iPad Extreme Sleeve has a simple design with zip-top closure, but packs protection in the extreme-looking exterior, which is available in black or shocking yellow. In addition to a design made for iPad users on the go, the sleeve is lightweight, flexible, and water-resistant. If you aren’t embarrassed by its shock-resistant looks, we bet this sleeve will keep your iPad safe and sound, even if you drop it.

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