Jackery Leaf charging case can double your iPhone 5S battery life

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Announced earlier today on a splash page, mobile battery manufacturer Jackery has released the company’s first iPhone case with built-in battery charger. Prior to this point, Jackery has concentrated on developing external battery packs that can recharge advanced smartphones multiple times. However, the brand new Jackery Leaf is a mobile smartphone case built for the iPhone 5 and 5S. It includes a 2400 mAh internal battery dock that’s allows users to charge the iPhone battery while continuing to use the phone. 

Basically split into two parts, the Jackery Leaf includes a lightweight protective case that wraps around the iPhone as well as a slim battery dock that connects to the case. The case slides onto the dock using a simple plastic notch and fits snugly into the dock’s Lightning connector for charging. On the back of the Leaf, users will find a slim button as well as a LED light. Pressing the button once will show the user a specific color that indicates how much battery life is left in the Leaf. Holding the button down for a couple seconds will trigger the Leaf to start charging the iPhone 5 or 5S.

In addition, Jackery includes a micro-USB cord to charge the Leaf. Similar to other iPhone 5 battery cases, the user can charge the case and iPhone at the same time. The Leaf’s internal battery takes about 2.5 hours to charge completely and Jackery representatives estimate the Leaf will double the battery life of the iPhone 5 and 5S at a minimum.

This could be an ideal solution for anyone that runs out of battery power each day and is too busy to find an outlet to charge their Apple smartphone. When the iPhone is finished charging, the user can simply detach it from the slim dock and continue to use the iPhone regularly while utilizing the protective, snap-on case. According to the Jackery site, the Jackery Leaf has a retail price of $99.95.

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