Mixed Financial News From Apple

Mixed Financial News From AppleThe end of 2007 was very good for Apple. The company reported record profits for the last quarter, up a staggering 57% to give earning of $1.58 billion. Much ofthat was due to the introduction of the iPhone, which has shifted 2.3 million handsets since its introduction in June.   But it wasn’t all blueskies and champagne. The company has warned that for the next three months earnings will be less than market expectations.   Will 2.3 million computers shipped and 22 million iPods, Apple broke all its own records for the last quarter of ’07, leaving Steve Jobs a very happy man.   "We’re thrilled to report our best quarterever, with the highest revenue and earnings in Apple’s history," he said.   But it’s a high that’s unlikely to be repeated for some time, as Apple expects to suffer in thegeneral economic downturn. But with the MacBook Air coming, and movie rentals on iTunes, who knows what the future will bring?    

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