Turn your Instagram account into a printed book with Blurb

Only a few devoted photo-enthusiasts, and everyone’s mothers, get their digital photos printed these days. For most people, uploading photos to Facebook or Flickr is enough when it comes to sharing, but we still have a soft spot in our hearts for good old printed photos and albums. Photo-printing service Blurb has come up with an easy way to bring your everyday digital snaps to real photo life. Blurb takes your iPhone photos straight from your Instagram account and lets you create a stylish and minimalistic printed 7×7 book. 

Blurb uses a flash application to let Instagram users design the perfect book. Starting at just $11 for a 20-page softcover version, the application automatically fills up the book pages with photos from your account, but also allows users to design the layout and choose which photos go where. Your blurb book can be customized with multiple photo layouts and can include up to 160 pages of Instagram snaps. The process is quick and easy, and Blurb automatically upgrades photo resolution for maximum printed impact. If you can manage to get ahold of your friend or loved one’s Instagram password, these simple books would make a great gift for almost any occasion. 

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