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Amazon launches Cable Store, helps Comcast sell Xfinity bundles

Xfinity Truck
Mike Mozart/Flickr
Launched within the last couple days, Amazon has created a new area of the site for customers that want to sign up for cable and Internet packages. Specifically starting with Comcast as the first provider, the new Amazon Cable Store lists options for standalone Internet packages up to 250 Mbps, packaged Internet and television service packages which include options with HBO as well as Internet, TV, phone packages for customers that simply want everything.

Speaking about Amazon’s new digital storefront, Comcast’s Charlie Herrin, executive Vice President of Customer Experience, saidAmazon is not only the biggest online retailer and a place where millions of our customers shop every day, but it’s also a brand that’s unrivaled when it comes to customer service. Amazon’s new marketplace provides an immersive online destination to showcase our terrific suite of products, including Xfinity X1.

Pricing on these packages looks fairly identical to pricing on the Comcast site. However, Amazon is offering the option of earning an Amazon gift card when signing up for mulitple Comcast services. In addition, Amazon is attempting to steer Comcast customers into purchasing cable modems and routers on this page, basically for avoiding those pesky cable modem rental fees that cable companies love to endlessly charge.

To complete the process of signing up, Amazon customers will be processed through a credit check before being able to checkout. Amazon and Comcast have set up a customer service number line that promises to answer calls in 60 seconds or less. In addition, those customer service agents do not work on commission, thus there’s no reason to pressure customers into upgrading to services that they don’t really need.

At the bottom of the page, Amazon has included a featured providers section. It’s likely that Comcast is just the first cable company that’s partnering with Amazon to sell subscription services. Amazon representatives haven’t announced other partners in this venture, but did state that the new section wasn’t built for only Comcast in mind.

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