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PushSend is what all small businesses need for their marketing campaigns

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Gaining the attention of potential customers is a tough endeavor for many small business owners, but it’s crucial if you want to see your business grow and flourish.

Email campaigns and landing pages are a key part of a successful marketing strategy, no matter how large or small your business is. Both tasks can take up a lot of time to coordinate, especially for business owners who are relatively new to such forms of advertising.

Launched earlier this year, PushSend is a new platform that aims to simplify the marketing process and make it intuitive, even for those who aren’t experienced in the field. Here’s everything you need to know about the service, and how it can help your company attract new customers.

What is PushSend?

PushSend is a set of all-in-one marketing tools that enable you to easily create, market, and manage email campaigns, landing pages, and events, all from one account. Simple to figure out and use, it means no more switching between multiple different apps and products in a bid to work out the best method of attracting customers to your products. Extensive statistics and analytics means you can always see how well your campaigns are performing, too.

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What services does PushSend offer?

Through the PushSend platform, there are many different tools for ensuring your business is successfully marketed. Let’s take a look through each of them.

Email Campaigns

Consistently one of the most effective forms of marketing, PushSend’s email campaign tool allows you to set up customized professional branded emails through its predesigned templates tool. Once created, you can then store and manage email lists in one location before segmenting it according to specific demographics and behavior. That way, your email campaigns are sent out to customers who are likely to be interested, saving you and them time and effort.

You can also create a sequence of up to five emails, sending them at different intervals to attract customers or subscribers, with custom workflows giving the option of sending them after certain events are triggered. It’s all to do with making things seem more personal for your customers rather than feeling too automated or forced.

Once sent out, comprehensive analytic tools show you what the average click-through rate is, as well as how many emails were successfully delivered.

All emails are anti-spam-compliant to ensure they’re legal to send.

Branded Landing Pages

A landing page is the entry point for your website. Effectively your business’s first impression, it’s important to make it count. Through PushSend, you can create custom landing pages via its intuitive drag-and-drop editor that works on both desktop systems as well as smartphones.

There are additional tools like the ability to perform A/B testing to find which of two options works best to enhance your chances of success, with conversion rates tracked via analytics. You can also build forms into your landing pages so as to convert traffic into new leads.

In all cases, the landing pages are SEO-friendly, with it taking seconds for you to add metadata to optimize your chances of ranking well on search engines. There’s also the ability to use a custom domain for free.

Event Marketing

When organizing an event for your business, it’s important to encourage the right people to attend. PushSend’s event marketing tools allow you to successfully drive event registrations via branded landing pages, and to produce appealing event invites and reminders.

Once people start accepting invites, you can build your attendee list from their registration forms, easily tracking who has accepted or declined. It’s also possible to use it in conjunction with email campaigns, triggering automated workflows as and when people interact with your invites.

Every step of the way, you can check on analytics such as how many emails have been sent out, conversion rates, and landing page visits.

Lead Gen Forms

Lead generation forms do exactly as they describe. They’re a key way for a potential customer to get involved with you, either via a ‘sign up’ form or by registering interest in one of your events or conferences. PushSend’s lead gen forms are built with high conversion in mind. Because they are intuitive and easy to figure out, your potential future client is much more likely to sign up.

It’s also easy for you to set up a form quickly without detailed coding knowledge. In all cases, the forms are GDPR compliant, too – an important part of gaining information nowadays.

And, of course, there are always plenty of stats for you to gain key insights into what’s going on with your clients, and whether your forms have a high conversion rate or not.

List Management Tools

So much of PushSend is dependent on contact management so it’s reassuring to know that it also provides comprehensive list management tools. For when you need to organize your email and event contacts all in one place, PushSend has you covered.

You can easily import contacts and add them manually, with support for popular CRMs making it even simpler. Once collated, you can then create targeted lists from your results so that, at a glance, you can see more about your customer base. Custom contact fields can also be created for specific business needs.

Customers unsubscribing? Your list manage automatically updates accordingly, with the same being true of any duplicate emails or bounces. It takes all the effort out of a sometimes convoluted process.

One of the best thing about PushSend is its flexibility. It’s adaptable in a way that will appeal to many different business types.

At its simplest, its email campaign tools are great for small firms trying to build up their user base through promoting offers and services. Landing pages are useful for pretty much all business types, while event marketing is pitched perfectly at consultancy firms or other more social forms of business than simple sales.

There’s something for everyone here.

How much does it cost?

PushSend offers numerous different packages depending on your budget.

Its free service offers support for up to 500 contacts, 1,500 sends, 2 landing pages, 2 lead gen forms, and 1 event campaign. Only 1 user can use the services here but it’s convenient for a small business starting out with one person in charge of marketing, or a freelancer going it alone.

Starting at $25 per month, the PushSend Newbie service offers support for up to 1,500 contacts, unlimited sends, 10 landing pages, 10 lead gen forms, 1 event campaign, all conducted through 3 users. That price changes depending on how many contacts you want to manage.

The Pro service starts at $169 per month. For the price, you get support for 10,000 contacts, unlimited sends, landing pages, lead gen forms, and event campaigns. Up to 20 users can get involved and you also gain the services of a campaign consultant. Prices change according to how many contacts you need to manage.

For a yearly subscription, expect a discount of 10% in all cases.

Interested in signing up to PushSend today? Check out its site for the sign-up process.

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