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How Renault could double the (currently limited) range of its all-electric Zoe hatchback

Renault Zoe
Ronan Glon/Digital Trends
Paris-based Renault began investing in electrification well before many of its rivals. Eager to retain its leadership in the segment, the company has allegedly doubled the driving range of the four-year old Zoe, its first purpose-designed electric car.

The updated Zoe will be capable of driving for up to 200 miles on a single charge, according to company sources who spoke anonymously to French television station BFM TV. In comparison, the current model (pictured) boasts a 22-kWh lithium-ion battery pack that delivers just 99 miles of range.

Designed jointly with LG, the pack benefits from recent advances in battery technology. The sources also revealed that the Zoe is fitted with a brand new electric motor that’s lighter and much more compact than before. It continues to deliver 87 horsepower and 162 pound-feet of torque, but it does so while using considerably less energy.

Additionally, the updated model benefits from a more efficient climate control system, and new-generation LED light bulbs all around that draw less juice. We wouldn’t be surprised if the drivetrain updates are complemented by a minor face-lift, and an evolution of the current car’s touchscreen-based infotainment system.

Like Tesla, Renault relies on fleet learning to improve the components that make up its electric drivetrain. The company has sold over 100,000 electric cars in just a few short years. Closely studying how motorists use them on a daily basis helped engineers make improvements that are perceptible in real-world driving, not just on paper.

Renault hasn’t commented on the rumors. If they’re accurate, we’ll see the updated Zoe during the Paris Auto Show that will open its doors next week, and we’ll be live in the French capital to bring you all of the details as soon as they’re released.

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