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Apple reportedly in talks with self-balancing motorcycle startup Lit Motors

Lit Motors C-1
Lit Motors C-1
For nearly two years, hype surrounding Apple’s clandestine “Project Titan” has bubbled to the top of the automotive charts. The tech giant’s debut in the car world would have serious ramifications inside the transportation industry as well as outside it, but that anticipation was hushed slightly when the brand reportedly laid off dozens of employees and shifted its resources elsewhere.

In this game, though, nothing stays quiet for long.

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Not one but two Apple acquisition rumors hit the airwaves on Wednesday, the first of which claimed Apple was in talks to buy supercar manufacturer and data solutions specialist McLaren. McLaren has since denied the reports, but Apple may also be in talks with another company called Lit Motors.

A self-balancing motorcycle startup from San Francisco, Lit Motors is best known for the electric C-1, which uses two single-gimbal gyroscopes to keep itself upright. According to the New York Times, three anonymous sources have come forward confirming the acquisition talks, and Apple has already hired several of Lit Motors’ former engineers.

So instead of scaling down or squashing its automotive aspirations, perhaps Apple is simply refocusing. An Apple-branded two-wheeler akin to the C-1 would certainly make a big splash among young people, and the vehicle’s small size could be the perfect fit for those living in crowded metropolitan areas. Lit Motors says the $24,000 C-1 packs many of the same safety features as a modern car, including a unibody chassis with reinforced doors, seat belts, and multiple airbags.

Digital Trends has reached out to Lit Motors for comment, but the brand did not respond before this story was published. If and when we hear something new, we’ll update this post.

For all your Apple Car rumors and news, keep your browsers locked on our Project Titan roundup.

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