Aston Martin officially unveils the Mid-East-only Lagonda super sedan

The world’s most insane name in luxury sedans is back: the Lagonda. After releasing a series of teases, Aston Martin has officially unveiled its new limited edition super sedan. The Lagonda isn’t just a series of drawings and computer animations, its real and just arrived in Oman on a Oman Air jet for hot weather testing.

The location and Aston’s partnership with Oman Air are no coincidence, as the Lagonda will be sold exclusively in the middle east.

That is understandable given the areas insatiable demand for the biggest and best, especially when it comes to bespoke cars. However, it is disappointing that the rest of the car loving world won’t get a crack at it. The car’s designer Marek Reichmann described the Lagonda as “exceptional automotive art,” and frankly we agree.

The  Lagonda doesn’t just look amazing it should be pretty brisk, too. Reports have it that the Lagonda will be based on the bones of Aston’s other sedan the Rapide, but hopefully with a bit more guts.

Though Aston hasn’t confirmed technical details yet, it seems likely that the Lagonda will go into battle with the company’s 6.0-liter V12, which has proven itself capable of producing more than 600 horsepower. That by itself should be good enough to make the Lagonda one of the fastest four doors in the world.

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Petty details like how much the massive Lagonda will cost and how many will be made have not been revealed. They may not be either, Aston Martin will be selling the car only be invitation.

Perhaps even more significant than the debut of the new Lagonda is what it might mean for the future of Aston Martin. The Lagonda name may become an independent sub brand for Aston, that caters exclusively to customers who want personalized coach built cars.

The newly arrived Aston Martin Lagonda sedan is likely intended to test the waters of such a proposition in one of the company’s best markets.

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