Aston Martin Unveils Carbon Black DBS and V12 Vantage

carbon-black-am1James Bond will be pleased with Aston Martin’s new Carbon Black limited-edition vehicles. To celebrate its success, Aston Martin has cloaked its two top-of-the-range sports cars—the DBS and V12 Vantage—with a Carbon Black metallic twist for special-limited edition launch. Aston Martin says each car will undergo 50 man-hours of hand painting followed by stringent quality checks to properly coat them in Carbon Black metallic paint.

Launched in 2007, Aston Martin calls the DBS is its ultimate GT sports car, offering dynamic and aesthetic purity. Its hand built V12 engine produces 380 kW (510 bhp / 517 PS) making it one of the most powerful production cars Aston Martin has ever made. Aston Martin’s V12 Vantage was launched in 2009 and the luxury car company says the V12 “subtly hints at its sporting intent with its controlled aggression.”  The naturally aspirated 6.0- V12 engine provides the driver with instantaneous access to high levels of power and torque at various engine speeds.


If you order a Carbon Black Edition V12 Vantage you will have the opportunity to experience Aston Martin’s renowned Performance Driving Course (UK and Europe only) free of charge. The Carbon Black Editions are available to order from the official Aston Martin dealership network with final pricing (expected to be approximately 5% over current base prices) to be confirmed in the 2010.

Carbon Black Aston Martin V12 Vantage interior