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Why stop at stereo? Audi details new 3D sound system for the 2016 Q7

Audi 3D sound system
If you like advanced in-car technology, the 2016 Audi Q7 should satiate most of your cravings for high-tech mobile gadgetry.

The full-size luxury SUV features a space-age virtual cockpit, Night Vision Assistant, all-wheel steering, and natural language speech recognition. It even equips a Predictive Efficiency Assistant that warns drivers of upcoming speed limit changes, towns, and road changes, and can also help map out the most economical route.

If you’re a true audiophile, though, the brand’s 3D sound system is a must-see … and hear.

The package places additional speakers high up in the cabin to simulate the spatial height of the original recording. In combination with an ‘intelligent calculation algorithm,’ the 3D unit modulates the signal from each speaker individually, resulting in a clearer, fuller sound.

“When an artist is singing from a stage, the floor, ceiling and walls of the concert hall reflect the sound with different time lapses,” Audi explains. “It bounces off the floor in just a few milliseconds, while it is only reflected by a wall 40 meters away after more than 200 milliseconds. Using these different sonic reflections, the algorithm is able to calculate a mathematical model of any recording room.”

Once the computer has constructed the model based off the information contained in the song, it adjusts the speakers to simulate the conditions of the original recording. That means no overly compressed digital tracks or blown out vintage recordings, just pure, authentic ambiance.

According to the automaker, mono, stereo, surround, streaming, radio, digital, and CD signals will benefit from the 3D calculation algorithm.

The 3D sound system will be going into production in 2015 with Audi’s Bang & Olufsen and Bose products.

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