Aventador ‘Lambo limo’ is an unholy supercar abomination

Lamborghini Aventador limoA Lamborghini Aventador is one of the fastest, most exciting new cars available, but it doesn’t have great legroom. The solution? Turn one into a limousine, apparently.

A British outfit called Cars for Stars has released renderings of just such a machine. The plan is essentially to add a passenger compartment complete with a rear set of scissor doors where there once was… nothing.

The engine, which normally sits directly behind the driver, is now all the way in back. Cars for Stars apparently found room for a bar, surround sound system, and a couple of plasma televisions in back as well.

Other than that, the limo is a stock Aventador. The front and rear fascias are the same, and behind the (way) back seats is the same 6.5-liter V12, which punches out 691 horsepower and 509 pound-feet of torque.

That creates a bit of a technical issue. With the engine no far away from the driver, it’s hard to imagine the throttle or transmission being very responsive, if they can be made to work at all.

There’s an even bigger problem, though: How do you cut up a Lamborghini and stitch it back together without the whole thing falling apart? Once a car has been halved, the two pieces are very flimsy, especially if the vehicle doesn’t have a separate frame. That’s why body-on-frame vehicles like the Lincoln Town Cars and Cadillac Escalades are such popular limo options.

To make things more complicated, the Aventador’s chassis is actually a carbon fiber tub. Cutting that up and extending it would be an expensive job.

Beyond the technical challenges, there are also moral questions. Who would anyone butcher a perfectly good, 217 mph, $381,700 Lamborghini? Who would be content to be a passenger in one, drinking champagne instead of trying to go 217 mph?

Cars for Stars doesn’t have an answer. Instead, the company is asking for an individual or organization to sponsor the Lambo limo’s construction. Anyone willing to pay up will get to name the limo and get a full year of free advertising on the car.