In China, women will get into a Lamborghini … no questions asked

china women will get lamborghini questions asked gallardo spyder

Well, that’s disturbing.

In a video making the rounds of China’s social network, a social experiment is played out where the driver of a Lamborghini Gallardo Spider invites young women to join him … and most do.

The creators of the video intended it as a commentary on what the rapid expanse of wealth is doing to Chinese values. If taken at face value, they might have a point. The opening of the video shows the bespectacled driver approach a young woman and ask, according to NPR‘s translation, “Beautiful woman, are you alone? Is it convenient to go eat something together?” And with a quick “OK,” she hops in and joins him.

I think most men have played some version of this scenario out in their heads. I mean, let’s be honest. That’s part of why we like cars. However, seeing it actually play out is a bit upsetting, especially when the driver asks the young women who just stepped into the Lambo if she is worried that he might be a bad guy, she responds that “he ought not to be.”

According to this very non scientific video experiment, five of the seven women approached got into the Lamborghini. One even invited the man back to her apartment.

But before we get all judgmental about women and China, let’s introduce some context. The introduction of wealth and excess has come to China incredibly quickly and without any corresponding change in national values. China remains, at least officially, a communist country, and education remains firmly in the political and Marxist bent, without introducing any cultural counterpoint to the country’s growing materialism.

Also to be perfectly frank, there are probably parts of Los Angeles that a Lamborghini driver could manage some version of the same scene.

So, while we hope that China keeps the car culture, but grows up a little bit, there is an opportunity of sorts for any Lamborghini owners who don’t have a soul.