New Dodge Viper ACR reportedly in the works

Dodge Viper ACR concept SEMA 2014

Before it went on hiatus, Dodge gave the last-generation Viper a major sendoff in the form of the hardcore ACR model, which even held the Nurburgring production-car lap record for a time. Now, it may bring the ACR back for another round.

There was a Viper ACR concept at the 2014 SEMA show, and Allpar reports that it’s been given the green light for production.

If the report proves true, the ACR could land fairly soon as a 2016 model. Like the previous version, it would probably be built in very limited numbers.

Both the ACR SEMA concept and the previous-generation production model that inspired it are focused on track driving, with even fewer frills than the standard Viper.

It seems probable that elements from the concept, including the massive rear spoiler, dive planes, and 15.4-inch diameter carbon-ceramic brake rotors, will be retained for the production version, giving this snake a little extra bite.

Draconian weight saving measures will probably be part of the program, too. The concept’s interior was stripped of most luxuries and festooned with carbon fiber trim, while the original ACR didn’t even have air conditioning.

Despite being met with much fanfare at launch, the current, fifth-generation Viper hasn’t been a huge sales success. Dodge has tried gimmicks like a personalized ordering program, but a new ACR could be an even better way to resuscitate interest.

With the 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 breathing down its neck, the Viper needs an upgrade. Heck, Dodge’s own HEMI v8 Hellcat models already have more horsepower.

It’s hard to imagine the Viper getting lost in the crowd, but that’s exactly what appears to be happening. A new ACR would definitely change that.