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The 400-HP Dubai Roadster track-car makes the Chevy Camaro Z/28 look like an Escalade

W Motors hopes to put the Middle East on the car-building map with its Lykan Hypersport supercar, and now there’s a second company hoping to do the same with a different type of performance car.

World Car Fans has dug up photos of the Dubai Roadster, a radical track beast from the United Arab Emirates that’s set to take on the likes of the KTM X-Bow and BAC Mono.

Aside from having four wheels, track-day cars like this barely qualify as automobiles. They are built specifically for track driving, and they make a Chevrolet Camaro z/28 look like an Escalade in comparison.

Hence the Dubai Roadster’s lack of bodywork. A roof won’t help you go faster.

The car will reportedly ride on a tubular chromoly chassis weighing a mere 1,653 pounds, and will be propelled by a transversely-mounted V8 producing around 400 horsepower.

Of course, the Dubai Roadster could turn out to be vaporware, and never make the transition from computer rendering to production car. It’s reportedly the brainchild of an Emirati racer, but so far little else is known about the Roadster or the company that will produce it.

Even if it doesn’t work out, there are still a few good track-day car options, and even more everyday performance-car options.

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