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Ford’s upcoming electric cars will share VW’s Electrify America charging network

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Ford is launching a fleet of new electric cars, including a “Mustang-inspired” crossover with 300 miles of range. Those cars will need charging stations, so like other automakers before it, Ford will have to invest in infrastructure as well as in the vehicles themselves. The Blue Oval will use Volkswagen’s Electrify America network for public charging and provide assistance to customers setting up home charging.

Electrify America was created to spend $2 billion of Volkswagen diesel emissions penalties on zero-emission vehicle infrastructure. The entity was always intended to be brand agnostic, but Ford is the first major automaker to commit to using it. Lucid Motors has also said it will use Electrify America, but it’s a small startup that hasn’t delivered any cars to customers yet.

Customers will be able to access Electrify America charging stations using the FordPass app, and will be able to take advantage of high-power DC fast-charging stations. The “Mustang-inspired” crossover will be able to charge at up to 150 kilowatts, allowing the battery pack to go from a 10% charge to 80% in 45 minutes, according to Ford.

The announcement of Ford’s partnership with Electrify America comes after the Blue Oval and VW confirmed a corporate alliance to share tech. Ford will use Volkswagen’s MEB platform for one of its future electric cars, while VW will have access to Ford’s self-driving car development program.

While a robust public charging network is important, many electric car drivers do most of their charging at home. Ford has an answer for that too, in the form of a “mobile charger” that can plug directly into a standard 120-volt household outlet, or the 240-volt outlets used for large appliances, as well as a wall-mounted home charging station. A standard household outlet probably won’t cut it, though, so Ford is partnering with Amazon Home Services for installation of 240-volt outlets and wall-mounted charging stations. Similar to the arrangement Audi set up for its E-Tron, Amazon will find local electricians, get pricing estimates, and allow customers to schedule appointments online.

In addition to the “Mustang-inspired” crossover and VW MEB-based electric car, Ford is planning an electric version of its bestselling F-150 pickup truck. The automaker is also investing in electric vehicle startup Rivian, and plans to use Rivian’s “skateboard” chassis for a fourth future electric model.

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