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Ford GT Prototype auctioned, and limited to five mph

ford gt cp 1 prototype 196082 front 3 4 web jpg
A prototype of the iconic 2005 Ford GT will be going up for auction, but it may not be much faster than your Vespa.

Although the 2004 Ford GT CP-1 (confirmation prototype one) has a supercharged V8 engine at 550 horsepower, it is limited to only five mph.

This GT was the first fully functional prototype made by the team back in 2003. Unlike the red, white, and blue centennial prototypes, which were for display only, this one was fitted with a  drivetrain and interior. The CP-1 has another key difference, it has a carbon-fiber rear clamshell. When Ford was developing the GT, it was planning on including a full carbon-fiber rear clamshell, but scrapped the idea for a more traditional aluminum tub. Turns out $45,000 for a carbon-fiber real clamshell was far too much for Ford executives, and opting for aluminum was a more practical option.

The CP-1 will clearly be a part of automotive history. The car is autographed by all members of the original GT design team, including Carroll Shelby, Bill Ford, GT Chief Designer Camillo Pardo, and GT Chief Design Engineer Fred Goodnow. Also, there are a few things exclusive to the CP-1 that were not found in the production run of the GT. This includes airbags from a Mustang and the steering column from a Windstar minivan.

Unfortunately for the person who buys this car, it will be limited to five mph. Ford installed a chip inside the car limiting its speed because the car is not street legal. While unfortunate, it should still command a decent price, for it really is one-of-a-kind.

The Ford GT CP-1 went up for June 25, at Barret-Jackson’s Northeast Auction.

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