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Former Russian pilot builds flying car – just

When most people retire from a lifetime of work, they might spend their days tending to the garden, reading books, or playing golf. Not so Valery Bulgakov. The 72-year-old Russian got his tool kit out and made a flying car instead (see below).

According to a Daily Mail report, when Bulgakov’s car/plane takes off it can only reach an altitude of three meters. But when you see a picture of the machine, three meters might seem plenty enough.

The converted 1987 ZAZ Tavria car lifts off the ground when it hits 60mph and can fly a maximum distance of 180 meters – clearly making it better suited for a trip to the shops than a trans-Atlantic crossing.

Bulgakov, a former pilot, built the V.Bulgakov so that budget-conscious trainee pilots can practice taking off and landing. It’s not clear whether any pilots have plucked up the courage to actually take any test flights in the contraption.

While Bulgakov’s invention may look a bit on the ropey side, a more convincing-looking flying car has been developed in the US – the Terrafugia Transition. This one has wings that fold away, and can reach a height of just under 1,000 meters. Imagine Bulgakov’s car flying at that height.

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