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Not so fast, Tesla: Hyundai to debut electric vehicle with 250-mile range by 2020

In terms of affordable electric vehicles that can take you farther than the store and back, there are two major players in the game right now — Tesla and General Motors. The delivery process for the Tesla Model 3 is expected to begin in late 2017 (although we’re not exactly holding our breath), and the Chevy Bolt EV is due out at the end of this year. Now, a third challenger has entered the fray, and although it’ll be a bit late to the electric vehicle party, it’s aiming to pack a big punch in terms of range.

According to a new report by Autoblog, Hyundai plans to debut a 250-mile pure EV by 2020. Byung Ki Ahn, the brand’s director of eco-vehicle performance development, confirmed the news on Monday, while also revealing that Hyundai will release a 200-mile EV in 2018. Little is known about either car at this time, but given the Korean automaker’s affinity for value, it’s likely the vehicles will be closer in price to the Chevy Bolt EV than, say, a Tesla Model X.

Before the long-range EVs touch down, Hyundai will preview its electric tech with a trio of Ioniq alternative energy vehicles. The first of the pack will be the Ioniq Electric, which arrives this fall with a 28 kWh lithium-ion polymer battery, an estimated range of 110 miles, and an efficiency rating of 125 MPGe. The Ioniq Hybrid will follow in winter, with the plug-in hybrid variant rounding out the launch next summer.

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It’s certainly been a busy year for Hyundai. If the manufacturer’s newfound commitment to green driving weren’t enough, the company has been busy refining and developing its new luxury division, Genesis. The sub-brand’s first product, the G90, was revealed earlier this year at the Detroit Auto Show, and smaller G80 and G70 models are on the way. There are even rumors of a midsize crossover debuting in the next few years. For more info on Hyundai and the Genesis brand, click here.

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