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Replacement for Infiniti’s aging Q60 will be previewed by a Detroit Auto Show concept

While the Infiniti Q50 sedan continues to proffer a highly-automated take on luxury and performance, its coupe and convertible counterpart, the Q60, is need of a redesign.

The Q60 is really the old G37. It got a new name as part of Infiniti’s bizarre Q-based nomenclature, but it’s still based on the car the Q50 was supposed to replace.

That’s why the next stage of Infiniti’s ongoing retooling will be a Q60 concept that will debut in January at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show, according to Motor Authority.

Since Infiniti reportedly plans to send the new Q60 to showrooms by the end of next year, expect the concept to be pretty close to the final production version.

It’ll be interesting to see whether Infiniti tries to differentiate the Q60 from the Q50, or make it explicitly a two-door version of the sedan, as it did with the old G-models and as most of its rivals do with their sedans and coupes.

Expect the styling to at least have a familial resemblance to the Q50 and other recent Infinitis. That could go either way.

Infiniti’s current styling theme is pretty good, but the large grille that works well on sedans and SUVs might be a bit too heavy for a smaller-boned two-door.

Mechanically, it seems like a fair bet that the Q60 will share a lot with the Q50, including the 3.7-liter V6 that’s already offered in the current model.

It would also be cool to see Infiniti drop in a Nissan GT-R powertrain, as it did with last year’s epic Eau Rouge concept, but the production version of that model seems to be in limbo so it’s probably a long shot.

We’ll have more on the Infiniti Q60 concept and everything else from the 2015 Detroit Auto Show in the coming months.

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