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Land Rover will help you keep your classic Range Rover, Series or Discovery on the road

Following in the footsteps of sister company Jaguar, Land Rover has created a Heritage division to help brand enthusiasts keep their vintage off-roaders in tip-top shape.

Part of Jaguar – Land Rover’s Special Operations sub-brand, the Heritage division’s main task is to provide parts and support for Land Rovers that have been out of production for at least a decade. At launch, the division will offer body, trim and extended servicing items such as filters, gaskets and so forth for the classic Range Rover that was built from 1970 to 1996. It will also sell salvage and extended service parts for the second-generation Range Rover (known as the P38 internally) as well as for the first and second generations of the Discovery.

Enthusiasts who own a Series I, II or III will be glad to know that Land Rover Heritage plans on re-manufacturing a long list of original parts that haven’t been available new for decades. The company will build the parts using the original tooling methods and the original blueprints to ensure that they fit correctly and perform the way they were designed to.

The iconic Defender will be phased out in December, but Land Rover will continue to build parts for it for the next 15 years. After that, the Heritage division will take care of both production and distribution.

The automaker has high hopes for its Heritage division, and it points out that roughly 70 percent of all Land Rovers manufactured since 1948 are still around today. Early models have been steadily going up in value over the past couple of years.

Land Rover Heritage parts will be available through just about every authorized dealer around the globe, meaning you can go explore the planet in your classic Range without having to worry about what happens when your air suspension system breaks down halfway through Mauritania. For added peace of mind, most parts will come with a factory warranty.

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