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Escape to the middle of nowhere in style with the Lexani LM-EXTV camper van

Sometimes, you just want to get away from it all. Really far away. So far away that roads won’t bring you there. But the middle of nowhere tends to be pretty light on luxuries, so what if you want to haul all of your favorite stuff with you? Then you’ll need a Lexani LM-EXTV.

Tuner Lexani turned the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter into the ultimate off-road camper van, with the capability to reach out-of-the-way places while bringing along the conveniences of modern life. The “LM” in the name stands for “Lexani Motors,” while “EXTV” stands for “Extreme Terrain Vehicle.” That sounds promising.

On the outside, the Sprinter gets a more aggressive look thanks to an LED lightbar, a Mad Max-worthy push bar, 20-inch wheels wrapped in chunky tires, and a roof rack accessible via a ladder at the back of the vehicle. Lexani said the LM-EXTV has been in development for over a year, and was tested in various harsh environments.

No matter where you park it, the LM-EXTV gives you access to plenty of tech. Lexani can equip it with an Apple TV, Alpine DVD player, Wi-Fi hot spot, and three 110-volt and 12-volt outlets to plug devices into. The van also features a heavy-duty air-conditioning system mini fridge, microwave, ambient lighting, and individual reading lights, as well as carbon fiber trim, a rearview camera, and a solar panel.

Lexani would not discuss pricing, but a conversion like this probably doesn’t come cheap. It’s possible to buy a used Sprinter and build your own camper van on a budget. It probably won’t be as luxurious as the LM-EXTV, but it could be a lot cheaper, especially if you’re willing to build in only what’s necessary.

Mercedes is about to launch a completely redesigned Sprinter with an available battery-electric powertrain and more tech options, including Mercedes’ new MBUX infotainment system with 7-inch or 10.25-inch touchscreens, and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. It will be interesting to see what the camper-van community thinks of it. The Sprinter is a popular basis for camper-van conversions, something Mercedes itself has acknowledged with a prototype Sprinter camper van powered by hydrogen fuel cells.

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