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McLaren 570S owners can upgrade their cars with lightweight parts and trick tech

McLaren is encouraging 570S owners to go racing by introducing a new track pack that brings an array of go-fast goodies.

The optional track pack was developed with input from McLaren’s successful racing arm. It includes a higher rear spoiler that makes the 570S faster around a track by adding nearly 65 pounds of downforce at 150 mph. The spoiler also gives the coupe a more aggressive look that’s complemented by a roof panel painted in a specific shade of black called dark palladium, and a sports exhaust with two tips neatly integrated into the rear diffuser.

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The 570S is 55 pounds lighter than stock when it’s equipped with the track pack. McLaren engineers managed to add lightness by fitting carbon fiber bucket seats upholstered with Alcantara — a fabric that’s lighter than leather — and super-lightweight alloy wheels with a dark gray finish.

Racing and tech are more intertwined than ever, so the 570S benefits from the Track Telemetry system that was also found on the 675LT and the P1. The application provides drivers with real-time information such as lap times and sector splits, and it lets them compare other racers’ data side-by-side. It also provides a post-race analysis with easy-to-read graphs that plot key parameters.

All told, McLaren promises the track pack turns the 570S into the most track-capable member of the Sport Series lineup. The good part is that the coupe remains fully street legal and relatively comfortable to drive on a regular basis; it delivers the best of both worlds.

McLaren’s track pack is available to order right now, and the first deliveries are scheduled for early next year. In the United Kingdom, McLaren’s home turf, the track pack costs 16,500 pounds, a sum that converts to about $20,500. U.S. pricing hasn’t been announced yet.

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