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Double your charging speed with Nomad’s Tesla Model 3 wireless charger

With Tesla’s Model 3 production lines turning out cars at a good clip, custom accessories for the Tesla’s entry-level electric vehicle (EV) will roll out at a faster pace as well. Nomad’s new Wireless Charger for the Tesla Model 3 is built to fit the car’s charging dock and can charge two phones at the same time.

The Nomad wireless charger slides into place snugly in the Model 3’s front-console charging dock with room for two smartphones side-by-side. According to Nomad, the Tesla Model 3 wireless charger works with all Qi-enabled Android phones but is optimally sized for Apple’s iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone 8 and 8+.

If you want to use a Samsung Note 8 or Note 9 with the Nomad charger, neither phone will fit the charger with a case. Smaller phones can fit using an included optional spacer that will enable the charging coils to align with the phone.

The Nomad charger has an integrated 6,000mAh battery so it can charge one smartphone twice as fast as usual, or charge two phones simultaneously.

Dual USB cables permanently attached to the charger plug into the Model 3’s two front USB ports. You can use the charger with just one USB cable plugged in, but then you lose the advantage of faster charging, although you can still charge two phones simultaneously.

If you already rely on one of the front USB ports to power another device, you’ll have three choices: run a USB cable from one of the two rear USB ports, plug into a USB adapter in the center console’s 12V power outlet, or use one of the front USB plugs, which will cut the Nomad charger’s power in half.

LED status lights on the Nomad device indicate charging status: amber for charging and white for fully charged.  If one of the LEDs blinks amber that means the charger doesn’t recognize your phone.

Made from molded thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), a mixture of polymers and rubber, the Nomad has a polycarbonate frame. An anti-skid rubber grip should help keep your phone in place during somewhat spirited driving, but it won’t overcome the laws of physics. If you’re going to push the car to its limits, closing the charging dock’s cover would be prudent.

You can order Nomad’s Tesla Model 3 wireless charger now for shipment on November 30. Pre-orders get a $20 discount from the $150 retail price, according to the company. Nomad backs the Tesla 3 wireless charger with a 2-year warranty.

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