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Tuner takes Lamborghini’s Aventador SV Roadster to new extremes

The Lamborghini Aventador LP750-4 Superveloce Roadster is supposed to be among Lambo’s most hardcore supercars. Its 6.5-liter V12 generates 750 horsepower, and this convertible is bristling with hardware to help the driver make use of that power. In Italian, “Superveloce” means “super fast,” after all. But Novitec, a company that has tuned everything from Maseratis to Rolls-Royces, thought it could make some improvements. The stock Aventador SV Roadster already lives up to the “Superveloce” moniker, but Novitec’s version has more of everything, including speed.

Novitec started by bolting a supercharger onto the Aventador’s V12, boosting output to 970 horsepower. Performance figures for the tuned version are not available but, with the extra grunt, it can probably beat the stock Aventador SV Roadster’s 2.9-second 0 to 62 mph time. A bit of supercharger whine mixed with the V12’s own shriek (in this case amplified by a custom exhaust system) should make for an otherworldly soundtrack.

Just as it really didn’t need any help in the horsepower department, the Aventador SV Roadster already looked striking straight from the factory. But Novitec added its own carbon-fiber elements to give this supercar an even more menacing appearance. It also tweaked the suspension and added its own custom wheels.

Some might question the wisdom of throwing money at an already-expensive supercar (the Aventador SV Roadster’s base price was $530,075) just to make it go faster. The full performance of even the stock Aventador SV Roadster can’t fully be exploited on public roads, so what’s the point?

Bragging rights, surely, as well as exclusivity. Lamborghini only built 500 Aventador SV Roadsters, making the model pretty rare even by exotic-car standards. Adding the Novitec tuning package virtually assures owners that they will never see another car exactly like their own.

Lamborghini itself knows the value of exclusivity. Over the past few years, it has unveiled a line of special editions catering to its customers’ desire to stand out at any costs. Models like the Veneno and Centenario are built in extremely limited numbers, and usually require a special relationship with Lamborghini to obtain. It’s become a lucrative business for Lambo, not to mention good entertainment for car fans.

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