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Oettinger’s 500hp Volkswagen Golf R has us longing for a trip to the Autobahn

We hate to tell you this, but the 400-horsepower Golf that Volkswagen promised us at the 2014 edition of the Beijing Auto Show isn’t coming anytime soon. German tuner Oettinger is taking matters into its own hand, and cranking the proverbial dial up to 11 for good measure.

Oettinger is no stranger to the Vee-Dub tuning scene; it developed the first 16-valve GTI engine back in the 1970s. For 2017, the tuner’s team of mad scientists took a 300-horsepower Golf R and rebuilt the engine from the ground up. The upgrades include forged pistons, steel connecting rods, and a brand-new exhaust system from the turbocharger to the four round tips. The 2.0-liter four is bolted to a dual-clutch automatic transmission whose internal components have been strengthened.

With 300 horses under the hood, the Golf R is one of the most remarkable hot hatches you can buy today. Oettinger’s version rewards power junkies with 500 horsepower (seriously!) and 479 pound-feet of torque. The 4Motion all-wheel drive system takes care of channeling the engine’s punch to the pavement.

Unlike the stock Golf R, Oettinger’s version isn’t exactly what we’d call discreet. It gains a massive air dam integrated into the front bumper that provides the engine with the air it needs to remain cool, and a roof-mounted spoiler creates the downforce required to keep the shiny side up. You’ll also notice it sits on black five-spoke alloys wrapped by low-profile tires.

Oettinger isn’t forgetting the GTI. The Golf R’s smaller brother sees its turbocharged, 2.0-liter four-cylinder’s output bumped to 380 horsepower, an increase that’s more than generous. If you need a refresher course, the standard GTI offers 210 horsepower in its most basic configuration.

The tuner hasn’t revealed what kind of mechanical sorcery it used to send that much power to the front wheels without ending up with a copious amount of torque steer; you’ll just have to trust them. The cherry on top is the same body kit that equips the Golf R, an glossy black alloy wheels with red accents.

The kitted-up Volkswagen hot hatches will go on sale across Europe in the coming months. Look for a pricing announcement and a release with full performance details soon. Oettinger wants to do more business in the United States, so both models could get a one-way ticket across the Atlantic.

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