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New limited-edition models show the Ram truck’s different personalities

Ram has introduced two limited-edition variants of the 1500 pickup truck called Rebel Mojave Sand and Ignition Orange Sport, respectively. Both models will greet the public for the first time during this year’s edition of the Los Angeles Auto Show.

The Mojave Sand started life as a 1500 Rebel. The bulk of the upgrades are found inside, where Ram has added black trim, black upholstery in lieu of the red fabric found in the standard Rebel, light gray accent stitching, and deep rubber floor mats. Visually, the special model stands out thanks to a Mojave sand paint job and a performance hood with black decals.

The Ignition Orange Sport isn’t entirely new because it was initially released last year as a limited-edition model. The rerelease stays true to the original with a performance hood accented by black decals, a body-colored grille, and black emblems all around. The model is only available as a crew cab with a powerful V8 engine under the hood, and as its name clearly implies it’s exclusively offered in an eye-catching shade of orange.

The treatment continues inside with accent stitching on the seats and on the dashboard, orange trim, a Ram emblem embroidered into the headrests, and edition-specific upholstery. The Ignition Orange Sport looks more muscular than a standard Ram, but it doesn’t benefit from any mechanical upgrades.

The Ram 1500 Rebel Mojave Sand will go on sale next month with a base price of $46,910 once a mandatory $1,320 destination charge is factored in. Just 1,500 examples will be available nationwide, so buyers who want to park one in their garage need to act fast. The Ignition Orange Sport model starts at $45,060 once the same destination charge is added, and it’s also limited to 1,500 examples.

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