Rolls Royce enocourages you to pimp and personalize your ride

As if seeing a regal Rolls Royce driving down the road wasn’t rare enough, the ultra-luxury automaker wants those who can afford it (excluding us, sadly) to customize their next Rolls-Royce Ghost or Phantom even further –making these beauties even more of a rarity when glimpsed.

According to Rolls-Royce CEO Torsten Müller-Ötvös, “It is always our goal to exceed our clients’ highest expectations and fulfill their innermost desires, with highly bespoke Phantom and Ghost models; we are able to achieve this.” And that appears to be the case. Based on recent figures release by the auto maker, last year a total of 56 percent of Ghost and Ghost Extended Wheelbase models sold around the world features bespoke design. A figure Rolls-Royce is keen to capitalize and expand upon.

The Phantom wasn’t left out in the cold either, though. The proportion of Phantom cars featuring bespoke designs also rose around the world. In fact, the Middle East was the biggest example of this trend, rising from 75 percent in 2005 to 99 percent last year. Europe also exhibited growth in this market at well, rising from 50 percent to 89 percent. But the biggest leap easily came from North America where the figure rose from 30 percent to 84 percent.

With customers floating not-so-spookily towards the specter-inspired Ghost and Phantom models, it is clear Rolls-Royce is enjoying success not only with the cars (the company sold an all-time record high 3,538 cars last year), but also the high number of customizations coming through the company’s Goodwood plant in West Sussesx, England.

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