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Fly through Tesla’s Giga Berlin factory in this epic drone video

Giga Berlin Fly Through 2.0

Tesla has shared an epic fly-through video (above) shot at its Giga Berlin facility in Germany.

The electric automaker’s three-and-a-half-minute fly-through appears to cover much of the sprawling factory, which, since its official opening two years ago, has been manufacturing Tesla Model Y vehicles and battery cells.

The footage reveals the extraordinary amount of cutting-edge technology that Tesla is deploying — along with a good number of human workers — to make the Model Y crossover SUV.

The drone video captures the various stages of the production process, including casting, stamping, plastic molding, painting, and assembly. The footage also shows the Model Y gradually taking shape, with the finished product appearing at the end in all its shiny glory.

There are some neat drone sequences to enjoy, too, particularly the bit at 1:08, where the flying machine navigates some tight spots around robots and through multiple Model Y vehicles on the busy production line.

The fly-through video was posted a couple of days after the Tesla factory came back online following an almost week-long power outage caused by a suspected arson attack on a nearby electrical substation, which may be linked to protests by environmentalists unhappy at Tesla’s plan to expand the facility. Tesla chief Elon Musk turned up at the site earlier this week to check in on the manufacturing plant and offer support to workers there.

Giga Berlin, which reportedly cost around $5 billion to build, is Tesla’s first manufacturing location in Europe and is described by the company as its “most advanced, sustainable, and efficient facility yet.”

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