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Tesla fly-through video shows off new Giga Berlin factory

A new drone video features a high-speed tour of Tesla’s first European car factory, which opened to much fanfare in March.

The stunning drone video (below) zips through multiple locations — including parts of the assembly line — inside Tesla’s gleaming facility, which reportedly cost more than $5 billion to build.

Located near Berlin, Germany, and employing around 10,000 people, the Giga Berlin factory will produce around half a million Tesla Model Y vehicles annually once it’s operating at full capacity.

Flying Through Giga Berlin

According to Electrek, crack drone pilot Ferdinand Wolf operated the drone. The Skynamic team member used a small cinewhoop-style quadcopter for the fly-through, a versatile aircraft designed especially for the kind of tight spaces and sharp turns that feature in the Giga Berlin video.

The fly-through ends with a dramatic aerial view of Tesla’s sprawling site, which covers an area of about 1.2 square miles.

In a separate clip (below) shared by Wolf on social media, viewers are treated to a drone’s-eye view of the moment Tesla chief Elon Musk performed broke into a surprise dance at the factory’s launch party a few weeks ago. It also shows Wolf piloting the diminutive quadcopter using a first-person-view headset and controller.

Unlike many of the awesome fly-through videos that have hit the headlines over the last year or so — like this one of a bowling alley in Minneapolis and another of Manchester City’s soccer stadium — Wolf’s video inside Tesla’s new factory features several scenes edited together rather than one continuous shot, but it’s no less impressive.

For even more amazing FPV drone videos showing drone pilots at the top of their game, check out this incredible collection featuring a bunch of fabulous flights.

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