Tesla’s Model X crossover now travels 250 miles with the 90kW battery

Model X front angle

Usually, when an EV automaker has found a way to bump the range on one of its models, it will heavily promote the news … but that’s not Tesla’s style.

Still, it’s worth noting that Tesla’s new Model X crossover, due for delivery starting later this month, was originally quoted with a range of 240 miles, but now Green Car Reports has revealed that the updated specs show a maximum electric range of 250 miles — a four percent jump.

To achieve the full range, owners would need to opt for the range-topping P90D Signature Series with its 90-kWh battery pack. The same battery in the Model S gives it a range of 268 miles, accounted for by that model’s more aerodynamic shape and reduced weight compared to the Model X. The EV crossover could have possibly managed a greater range if the NHTSA had allowed Tesla to use video monitors instead of traditional door mirrors.

Model X front

Tesla has yet to fully detail the options and specs for the Model X, but if the EV automaker releases a rear-wheel drive or non-performance variant with the same 90-kWh battery, the Model X could boast an even greater range.

The Signature Series is priced at $132,000, significantly more than the range-topping Model S P85D, which starts at $105,000. Considering Tesla boss Elon Musk claimed the crossover will only cost about $5,000 more than an equivalent Model S, we can expect a new top-tier Model S to arrive shortly.

Once the initial Model X deliveries have been fulfilled, Tesla will begin full production at the end of this year. Entry-level Model X trims won’t arrive until sometime in 2016, and will offer an electric range of between 10 and 30 miles less.