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Tesla Model X ‘Beta’ prototype spotted on the streets of California

If you live in or near Fremont, California, you may be one of the first to view Tesla’s Model X crossover in the metal.

According to the brand’s 2014 Q4 Shareholder Letter, there are over 30 “beta” Model X prototypes currently cruising the streets for practical testing, and an eagle-eyed viewer of the Tesla Motors Club forum has spotted one.

The shutterbug in question is Kosh K, who snapped a few pics of a blacked out Model X and posted them to Facebook. The photos, which show the electric car roaming around the automaker’s factory in Fremont, quickly made their way to the Tesla forum.

With its obscuring black tape and large rear bumper cutout, this is clearly not a production vehicle. The snapshots could provide a preview of what the official car will look like when it goes on sale though, because we’re rapidly approaching the Model X’s oft-delayed on-sale date.

During the brand’s quarterly earnings call on February 11th, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said the crossover’s design had been completed, and is still on track to commence deliveries in the third quarter of this year.

The company’s shareholder letter further confirms that fact. According to the statement, Tesla has received “almost 20,000 reservations for Model X” thus far. In combination with the additional 10,000 Model S reservations the brand has logged, that means Tesla’s 2015 target of 55,000 vehicles sold might be right on the money.

As for the Model X, the first year of production is completely sold out. If you place your reservation today (with a $5,000 deposit), the soonest you’ll get your car is early 2016.

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