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The all-new Nissan Kidster is a cardboard car for children

With the coronavirus pandemic keeping many folks from embarking on their usual leisure activities, those with kids may be fast running out of ideas for what to do to keep the littl’uns entertained.

So how about making a Nissan car? A cardboard one, that is.

The Japanese automaker recently posted a video with simple instructions on how to transform a regular cardboard box into a rather elaborate one that the company is calling the “Nissan Kidster.”

To give it that unique Nissan look, the creators of the fun activity have helpfully posted a webpage where you’ll find a bunch of printable paste-on parts. The page also includes more detailed instructions than you’ll find in the video, so definitely check it out if your kid wants to spend some of his or her free time putting it together.

There’s some cutting involved in the early stages of the cardboard car’s construction, so it’s best that an adult carries out that part of the process. After that, though, it’s pretty much a case of folding, painting, and sticking on the printable Nissan car parts. There’s even a neat on tip on how to add a steering wheel that rotates. The downside? Mom or dad will have to expend some energy pushing the car around the living room with their toddler inside, unless there’s another child in the house that can be cajoled into performing the task.

If you’re looking for something a little more advanced for your kids, check out Digital Trends’ guide to some of the best robot kits available today.

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