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Toyota’s 850-HP Camry isn’t just a sleeper, it’ll put supercars to bed

Who doesn’t love a good sleeper?

In the automotive world, few things are sweeter than watching a Porsche driver’s smug smirk turn to utter dismay after getting thrashed by a suped-up (and beat up) Taurus SHO. Few things emphasis function over form better than a good Q-car.

Toyota has unleashed a surprising sleeper of its own, an 850-horsepower purpose-built dragster with a Camry body.

Now, some might say it’s not a ‘true’ sleeper because it can’t driven on the road, but the Camry Sleeper is undeniably cool. Frankly, it’s nice to see some adolescent enthusiasm from Toyota, a brand that’s all too often associated with automotive boredom.

The Camry is built from a tubular chassis and is powered by a supercharged TRD version of the Tundra’s 5.7-liter V8, while a production-style shell, functioning doors, and road car alloys give the illusion that this is a normal grocery getter. Toyota also equipped a wet nitrous system to the car, producing a total output of more than 850 hp and an estimated quarter-mile time of 9.8 seconds. 

“This is the most extreme build we’ve ever unveiled at SEMA,” said Steve Appelbaum, Toyota Engagement Marketing and Motorsports National Manager. “The transformation from seemingly stock Camry to full-blown racecar just shocks the senses.”

The Camry sourced the transmission, rear axle, and electronics from the Tundra as well, so in some ways, this is more truck than car. Whatever it is, this thing is definitely all about the ‘go.’

After the sleeper completes its tenure at the 2014 SEMA Show, the Camry will embark on an appearance tour at select NHRA race events.

Toyota says the car was completely developed in just 11 weeks.

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