Toyota’s Fun-Vii concept is like wallpaper on wheels

Imagine changing the exterior of your car as easily as you change the background of your smartphone or laptop. Well, that’s exactly what you can expect with Toyota’s Fun-Vii concept.

Toyota’s quirky hybrid, which will debut at the Tokyo Motor Show on Wednesday, lets you change the exterior design of the car as easily as you would any computer or smart device. You can slap a custom message on the exterior, your favorite Twilight background, or whatever your heart desires. The possibilities are near endless.

But the fun doesn’t stop there; customizing the interior of the Fun-Vii will be just as easy. It offers a wealth of customization options to the driver along with the ability to adjust to the driver’s mood or function with unprecedented ease, according to Toyota.

Other interior driving features such as navigation information will blend seamlessly into the interior by way of an augmented reality system, further cementing just how innovative a driving experience can be had with the Fun-Vii. Adding to that, a “navigation concierge”, various multimedia connectivity, and full smartphone integration should make driving the Fun-Vii anything but ordinary.

As the Fun-Vii is purely a concept (and likely to stay that way), no information on production plans or pricing is available at this time.