Volkswagen’s next electric car will have 300 miles of range, launch in 2021

Volkswagen will unveil yet another concept car in its ID series of electric vehicles at the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show later this month. With previous ID concepts showcasing hatchback, crossover, and even dune buggy designs, you’d think VW would be out of ideas. But the Volkswagen ID.Space Vizzion promises something different. Previewing a production model that will launch in 2021, Volkswagen claims it will defy categorization.

The ID.Space Vizzion will combine “the aerodynamic characteristics of a Gran Turismo with the spaciousness of an SUV,” according to Volkswagen. Renderings released by VW show a vehicle with a tall, upright roofline, but without the ground clearance normally associated with SUVs. It looks a bit like the recently discontinued Ford Flex, which also tried to combine car and SUV styling elements. It also means the ID.Space Vizzion looks a bit like a minivan without sliding doors.

In addition to providing plenty of interior space, Volkswagen claims the design is aerodynamically efficient. This will allow the ID.Space Vizzion to achieve 300 miles of range on the Environmental Protection Agency testing cycle, VW claims. Only Tesla has managed to top 300 miles of range so far, although Ford and Fisker claim they will hit that target with their upcoming electric SUVs.

The interior of the ID.Space Vizzion has a Tesla-like minimalist look, with a large screen right in the center of the dashboard. The materials all come from sustainable sources, according to Volkswagen. The seats are upholstered in “AppleSkin,” which the automaker describes as a vegan alternative to leather.

Details on the powertrain are being kept under wraps, but the ID.Space Vizzion shares the Volkswagen MEB platform with the previous six ID-series concept cars. The first MEB-based production model — the ID.3 hatchback — just entered production in Germany. The ID.3 won’t be sold in the United States, but we will get a crossover based on the ID.Crozz concept in late 2020. The U.S. is also slated to get a production version of the ID.Buzz concept, which is based on the classic VW Microbus.

Volkswagen has already confirmed plans for a production version of the ID.Space Vizzion. It will launch in 2021 and be sold in North America, Europe, and China. Given U.S. carbuyers’ current obsession with crossovers, it makes sense for VW to bring the ID.Space Vizzion here. While Volkswagen does plan to start building electric cars at its Chattanooga, Tennessee, factory in 2022, it’s unclear if the ID.Space Vizzion will be one of the models produced locally.

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