A computer motherboard-inspired Memory rug for your home


Move over Persian rugs. Computer motherboards are worthy of making into carpets too, or at least they are according to the San Francisco-based Swiss designer Lukas Scherrer. Meticulously replicating the patterns and components found on most circuit boards, down to the distinctive etchings, Scherrer’s design of the Memory rug for carpet maker Ruckstuhl is seemingly flawless.


Don’t worry; just because the Memory carpet’s design was inspired by computer motherboards, doesn’t mean you’ll be stomping around on layers of silicon. In fact, it’s made of layers of wool felt, which gives the rug a cozy, “three-dimensional surface suggesting traditional oriental carpet ornamentation,” according to the carpet company.

Although we don’t have its exact dimensions, you can tell from the below photo that the Memory carpet looks large enough to place under a coffee table in your living room or maybe even in the foyer (if you’re lucky enough to have one).

Unlike other tech-oriented carpets that are assembled with old computer parts, or pieced together with various Google Maps, this Scherrer-designed rug comes pre-assembled, so DIYers hoping to tinker with its looks will probably be disappointed.


Unfortunately, we also don’t have a price for this designer rug, but we suspect it’s not cheap. After all, Scherrer has to hand-craft each layer of wool to resemble a particular computer part, so it is probably a labor-intensive design to produce for the carpet company. For a more economical work of art that pays hommage to your love of technology, you might consider decorating your walls with these colorful schematic prints of classic computers and game consoles from City Prints.

You can have a look at this geeky rug from Scherrer in person if you happen to be in Milan for Salone del Mobile 2013 (it wraps up on Sunday), according to Moco Loco. For the rest of us, we’ll just have to stick with ooh-ing and ah-ing over these images of the Memory carpet on the Interwebs.

[Images via Moco Loco]