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Acer has a crazy large, curved monitor for PC gamers for a crazy high price

acer curved gaming monitor predator z35p
The latest entry from Acer in the PC gaming arena is the new Predator Z35P, a 35-inch curved desktop monitor packing a hefty 3,440 x 1,440 resolution. Available for pre-ordering now, the panel will cost a hefty $1,100 when it ships to retailers in the United States later this month. The panel originally launched in a few other countries overseas in early May.

Acer’s new desktop panel has an 1800R curvature, meaning that if the monitor created a complete visual circle, then the radius would measure 1,800 millimeters. This curvature appears to be the standard as of late, as panels with lower curvatures (like 3000R) are more expensive to make. Acer’s new panel is expensive as it is due to the screen size and 21:9 aspect ratio.

Here are the specs for Acer’s upcoming curved panel:

Screen size: 35 inches
Panel type: Vertical Alignment
Backlight tech: LED
Screen resolution: 3,440 x 1,440
Aspect ratio: 21:9
Pixel pitch: 0.34mm
Viewing angles: 178 degrees
Response time: 4ms
Max refresh rates: 100Hz (DisplayPort)
50Hz (HDMI)
Color support: 16.7 million colors
Color space support: sRGB 100 percent
Contrast ratio: 2,500:1
Max brightness: 300 nits
Ports: 1x HDMI 1.4
1x DisplayPort 1.2
5x USB 3.1 Gen1 (1x Up, 4x Down)
Audio: 2x nine-watt speakers
True Harmony customized equalizer
Tilt angle: -4 degrees to 35 degrees
Swivel angle: 20 degrees
Max adjustable height: 5.12 inches

For starters, Acer’s new desktop monitor relies on Vertical Alignment (VA) panel technology. This is essentially a compromise between two technologies: the older, generally used Twisted Nematic (TN) tech offering extremely high brightness levels and fast response times, and In-Plane Switching (IPS) tech providing rich colors and wide viewing angles. VA tech has better color and better viewing angles than TN panels, and better brightness levels than IPS panels.

Adding to the panel type is support for Nvidia’s G-Sync technology. When paired with a PC packing a supporting GeForce graphics chip/card, this technology will synchronize the output frame rate of the GeForce chip with the refresh rate of the monitor. This prevents the screen from tearing, stuttering, or exhibiting visual input lag produced when the two devices aren’t in sync.

Of course, Acer’s new monitor includes proprietary technology to make the most out of the user’s visual experience. For instance, the Acer VisionCare suite reduces screen flicker, and reduces both the amount of brain-frying blue light and the amount of on-screen glare. There’s also a sensor that will adjust the brightness and contrast based on the ambient light conditions.

For gamers, Acer throws in its GameView technology. Accessible from the hotkeys on the monitor, GameView enables users to activate on-screen crosshairs when those available in-game just don’t cut it. Users can also adjust the darkness levels to better see in the shadows, and make precise color adjustments. Users can even save their customized settings in three profile slots.

To pre-purchase Acer’s new curved 35-inch Predator Z35P desktop monitor, head over to Amazon here.

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