Acer debuts 23- and 27-inch 3D monitors

Computer maker Acer is hoping folks are still interested in jumping on the 3D entertainment bandwagon, introducing two new 3D capable monitors to appeal to both gamers and folks looking to tap into consumer 3D content. The 23.6-inch HS244HQ display features support for 3D content via HDMI and a native 1,920 by 1,080-pixel resolution, while the 27-inch HN274H offers the same native resolution and claims to be the first 27-inch display to support both HDMI 3D and Nvidia 3D Vision for 3D gaming.

Acer HN274H 27-inch 3D monitor

“Setting the standard for premium 3D multimedia, the new Acer 3D displays give the sensation of full immersion in a virtual world, while the contemporary design sports stylish features, convenient touch-sensitive controls and earth-friendly materials,” said Acer America’s senior product marketing manager for peripherals Dan Oka, in a statement.

The 27-inch HN274H ships with Nvidia 3D Vision glasses and sport an integrated IR emitter to sync up the active shutter technology—although users will need to get a different set of 3D glasses to tap into 3D content from Blu-ray players and other video sources. The HN274H sports three HDMI inputs along with VGA and DVI inputs, and Acer claims the system has a dynamic contrast ratio of 100 million to 1—handy for catching opponents sneaking up on you in dimly-lit first-person shooters. The HN274H is available now for a suggested price of $689.

The 23.6-inch HS244HQ 3D display doesn’t support Nvidia 3D Vision, but ships with Acer 3D glasses with active shutter technology for handling 3D content. The monitor sports two HDMI ports along with VGA, a 120 MHz refresh rate and a 2ms response time—although the dynamic contrast ratio drops down to a mere 12 million to one. The HS244HQ also sports two integrated speakers. The HS244HQ should be available now for a suggested price of $449.