Acer to launch $400 Android-running AiO PC [Updated]


With Haswell, Intel’s fourth-gen processor, just days away from launch, PC OEMs are on an announcement spree. According to CNET, Acer’s has a new all-in-one PC. Windows 8 has garnered some mixed reviews, and Acer’s new AiO isn’t taking any chances. Instead, the company is taking concept of the AiO PC and pairing it with the simplicity of the Android operating system.

The Acer AiO will feature a Texas Instruments OMAP 4430 dual-core ARM Coretex-A9 processor. So why the sudden change? We can probably attribute that to Microsoft’s recent decision to manufacture its own hardware sets for its personal Windows RT mobile platform. 9to5Google seems to think this theory is the most sound. The good news in all of this is that Acer was able to cut costs significantly enough to offer this machine for only $400.


But before you race out to grab your own Acer AiO it’s important to understand that this setup isn’t necessarily for everyone. Due to its inexpensive design and low cost of development, the PC itself will only feature 1GB of RAM and will come with storage options as minimal as 8GB. That 1GB “lack” of RAM means that this machine is unlikely to do anything spectacular. Video editing and gaming are definite no-no’s here, but if you’re looking for a fun AiO to browse the Web or use non-intensive applications, then this is a pretty smart (and cool looking) option.

[Updated 7:15 PST 6/2/13: Acer contacted us to tell us that some resellers incorrectly showed this product as offering an Intel 4430 processor, when it actually comes with a Texas Instruments 4430 ARM chip. Acer also told us that it’s available now, and confirmed the starting price of $400.]

[Images via CNET]

Originally published 9:20 am PST 5/31/2013