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Latest Adobe CC feature updates make video and VR easier than ever

It seems very likely at this point if you are a content creator, be it videos, photos, virtual reality, or otherwise, chances are you use at least one of Adobe’s Creative Cloud software offerings on a regular if not daily basis. Just as Creative Cloud was designed to make bringing updates more frequently a reality, Adobe’s latest updates to the service aims to make collaborating on team video projects much simpler and more intuitive.

The announced updates from Adobe today will affect Adobe Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC, and Prelude CC. As noted above, one of the big features is the addition of better team collaboration and shared asset management, but another key addition is the introduction of more powerful VR-creation tools.

AE - Team Projects

VR has really started to catch on with developers and content creators this year as VR-ready graphics cards capable of driving this intense graphic content are now to a point where they are much more affordable to the average consumer. This in turn has increased the demand for more VR content, which has led to more of such content being produced, and that has led to Adobe’s addition of better VR tools this year.

Other notable updates/improvements include:

  • Improved real-time playback performance
  • Improved HDR video tools including HDR Metadata, and HDR 10 support
  • Quick render + share functionality to upload content to Behance
  • Better tools for adding and supporting Captions and Subtitles
  • Improved video analytics through Adobe Analytics, allowing creators to monitor streams, rather than just stop/start metrics

Overall, if you are into video or VR content creation, make sure to get your CC suite updated as soon as you are able. These new tools are sure to make your life a little easier and potentially much more productive. More information about this latest Adobe CC announcement can be found via Adobe, here.

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