AMD chip sets Guinness World Record for processing speed

amd chip sets guinness world record fxThere is a new Guinness World Record for fastest CPU, and AMD’s new FX processor has set it.

The Sunnyvale chip manufacturer announced the record-setting run this week, which saw the chip hit a processing speed of 8.429GHz, breaking the old record of 8.308GHz.

The company posted a video of the record being broke by “Team AMD FX” (Sami Maekinen, Brian Mclachlan, Pete Hardman and Aaron Schradin), and not only does it show how the new record was achieved, it also proves that yes, a video of people breaking a record for CPU speed can actually be, well… exciting.

Before you get any ideas about trying to replicate their results with your own processor, it’s worth noting that in order for the team to achieve such a high speed with the chip, they first had to use liquid nitrogen to cool it, and then switch to liquid helium, “a substance only a few degrees higher than absolute zero.”

So unless you have some of those ingredients handy, you’ll have to be satisfied with your CPU’s current speed.

The record-setting AMD FX CPU is scheduled for release later this year.