AMD has already rolled out a new Crimson driver

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AMD is sticking to its guns with the new revamp of its drivers and back-end graphics card software. Just a few weeks after debuting its new AMD Crimson driver suite, the microprocessor manufacturer released a beta to fix a problem with fan-speed locks. Now the company has launched a brand new version, which certifies the fixes that were in that same driver.

Essentially, driver release 15.12 is a WHQL-certified version of the 15.11.1 beta drivers that were previously released to fix up the problem with the fan controller in the overdrive module. In the original Crimson release, it was discovered that some users had problems with their fans either locking at 100 percent, or switching to manual mode when exiting an application, which would occasionally lock the fan at dangerously low speeds.

If you’re haven’t updated your video drivers yet, you should get on it, as 15.12 adds a number of other fixes over the original Crimson release. Star Wars: Battlefront, Just Cause 3, and Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 now have performance and usability tweaks to make them more aesthetically pleasing and stable. There are also some changes to the way the overdrive and standard functions of the Crimson drivers work, making them easier to navigate.

This is a good indication of how AMD plans to continue, with the long-time CPU maker sticking to its guns so far. It has previously committed to making a couple of big Crimson releases every year, which will add new features and abilities for graphics cards and the back-end software. On top of that, it also pledged at least six WHQL-certified drivers every 12 months, which would be a lot more than it traditionally releases for consumers.

How are you finding AMD’s new Crimson drivers so far? We particularly like how fast they start up quicker than the old Catalyst Control Center.